Unique Marketing Opportunity

The MarchingTVChannel provides a great opportunity for Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers and other vendors to access followers of the Marching Arts. Our audience consists of Band/Corps Directors, Teachers, Instructors, Members, Alumni, and Fans.

Heading into 2008, please consider some of these great opportunities to get your Brand in front of upwards of 10,000 visitors per month (based on October-November 2007 statistics).

2008 Video Buyer’s Guide: The MarchingTVChannel is in the process of putting together the 2008 video buyer’s guide. This is an opportunity to get your brand in front of thousands of directors and instructors who are looking for products in a specific category (Drum Equipment, Guard Equipment, Drum Supplies, Marching Horns, etc). We have created a list of categories for which we will be doing buyer’s guides. If you are interested in getting your Brand in front of purchasing decision makers for the next year (for a cost as low as $500 for the entire year) contact us before December 31st 2007.

Banner Ads: Banner Ads from the MarchingTVChannel put your Brand in front of thousands of people directly involved in this activity each month. Banner Ads are sold in sets of 10,000 impressions and can be purchased for as little as $500. Join others like PlusOne Drill Design, Youth In Music, and DrumCorps World who have found success with the MarchingTVChannel. "The MarchingTVChannel provides a completely unique ability for us to get our voice, our thoughts and ,most importantly, our Brand in front of thousands of people directly involved in this activity every month," says Nick Lane of Plus One Drill Design.

Entries in our Product Finder: In the February/March 2008 timeframe, the MarchingTVChannel will be unveiling its Product Finder technology. This permits anyone interested in finding Marching Arts products or services to easily find and compare offerings. The basic listing is Free. Upgrades will be available for as little as $25/month.

To get your brand in front of thousands of visitors each month, call us at 608-628-7882 and ask for Andy or email us at info@MarchingTVChannel.com.