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Why Do We Do This?

Why Do We Do this?  
We asked dozens of students and others involved in the Marching Arts why they love this activity so much. See some of the responses here. Tell us your story!
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Got a Great Drum Break
MarchingTVChannel is putting together a virtual competition for the very best drum breaks/drum solos. If you have something really cool that your group has done as part
of your drum break, or know of something cool, submit it.
MARCHING REVIEW: News and Articles
News: October 22nd 2007 - MarchingTVChannel to Host Live VideoCast of Youth In Music Finals.
News: July 9th 2007 - goes live.
Video Article: How Dynamics Differ on the Field
Video Article: Scouts Horn Staff discusses their approach to breathing
Video Article: Scouts Program Coordinator discusses approach to Staff Management

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The Idea
Want to see how your group compares? We will be organizing a set of 'Virtual Contests' in the coming weeks.
Virtual Contests
Virtual contests allow you to post a 2-3 minute video in the areas of cool drum break, cool guard feature, etc. Coming soon!
Coming Soon

We are Listening...
Check back with us later this month for some great improvments to our site.

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